Ship Equipment / Ship Repairs

For this vessel above we delivered the following elements: bridge windows, deck equipment, steel castings for ship’s hull. Classification society: Bureau Veritas; Ship’s delivery: 2011, Germany

We cooperate with a great number of suppliers for delivery of every kind of ships‘ equipment. For this reason we are able to cover the entire line of the sectors of supplier of mainly European shipbuilding yards.

We have been acting as agent for the organization of ships’ repairs from the beginning of our company’s foundation. In 2011 alone 19 ships were repaired in dock or on the quay by our partners. If you are interested in ships’ repair, please note our partners:
For Europe it is the shipyard: GryfiaWerft,
and for Asia: Love China Trading

  • windows, glasses for every kind of use
  • outer, inner doors
  • castings for ship’s hull, deck equipment
  • forgings
  • welded components with machining
  • ship cranes, hoisting systems
  • components, spare parts for main engine
  • boilers
  • cabin accommodation
  • electricity
  • ships’ models

Ships‘ newbuildings

We deliver a ready for use and authorized ship, specialized for your purpose.

The scope of our activities comprises all steps of the technical process, from the design of ship’s hull including the towing tests to the delivery to client. We take of the authorization of the planning documents by a classification society, we select and realize together with you the technical equipment, as well as the entire interior – exactly according to your demand. The construction of a new vessel will be made at a shipyard suitable for your project. We will accompany all building steps, we ensure realization of agreed time and quality schedules, we take care of it, we are good at that.

Mechanical engineering, plant construction, steelwork

Shown is a rail bogie of a ship loader. Prepared for completion with electrics, hydraulics and superstructure.

We have extensive experience in the field of plant constructions and mechanical engineering. We are therefore able to deliver plants all over the world and components ready for installation.

Our focuses are:

  • Ordinary welded constructions
  • Railings, Walkways, Platforms
  • Hall construction
  • Architectonic steel constructions / Facade construction
  • Cranes
  • Conveying technology / Material Handling Systems (complete ones or components)
  • Special plants (e.g. underwater dredger elements)
  • Jigs, Test stands
  • Toothed elements
  • Gearboxes
  • Castings of different materials
  • Forgings
  • Machining of any size

Maintenance of life rafts & lifeboat

We take care of the annual re-certification of your life rafts according to SOLAS / IMO resolution A.761 (18).

We offer a complete service which is composed as follows:

  • Collection of your life rafts (no matter if directly from board or from your shipyard e.g. during a docking period)
  • Transfer of equivalent rental equipment
  • Cleaning and inspection incl. execution of prescribed tests
  • Maintenance of the containers with replacement of the water pressure switches
  • Necessary replacement of equipment and supplies (food, drinking water, batteries, CO2 tanks etc.)
  • Issue of the inspection certificate for a further 12 months
  • Return of equipment and collection of rented equipment

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