Mechanical engineering, Steel & plant construction

We have a wealth of experience in these areas.
This enables us to deliver ready-to-install components and systems worldwide.

We focus on the following areas:

Simple welded constructions

Railings, walkways, platforms

Industrial building

Crane construction

Large-scale conveyor technology (complete or components)

Special plant engineering (e.g. underwater dredging technology)

Fixture and test bench construction

Gearing parts


Casting parts from various materials

Forged parts

Mechanical processing of all sizes, including small series production

Facade construction

We supply construction sites worldwide with steel and aluminum structures for architectural facades.

For this purpose, we can offer the following services:

Welded frame constructions

Mullion and transom constructions

Atrium roofs

Installation of sealing and glass holder systems, e.g. from Raico

Application of various corrosion protection systems as per customer specifications, including environmentally friendly water-based systems from German manufacturers.

Maintenance of life rafts & lifeboats

We take care of the annual re-certification of your life rafts in accordance with SOLAS/IMO Resolution A.761(18).

We offer a comprehensive service that includes the following:

Collection of your life rafts (whether directly from the ship or from your shipyard, e.g. during a docking period)

Provision of equivalent rental equipment

Cleaning and inspection, including execution of required tests

Maintenance of containers with replacement of water pressure switches

Necessary replacement of equipment and supplies (food, drinking water, batteries, CO2 cylinders, etc.)

Issue of the inspection certificate for additional 12 months

Return delivery of the equipment and collection of the rental equipment

Ship equipment & ship repair

Thanks to our close cooperation with numerous suppliers for several types of ship equipment, we can take over entire sections of the supply chain for European shipyards.

Since the founding of the company, we have been acting as agents for organizing ship repairs and, through our partners alone in 2011, we overhauled 19 ships in dry dock or at the quay.

Here are our partners for your repairs:
For Europe: Gryfia Shipyard, For Asia: Love China Trading

Exterior and interior doors

Casting parts for ship hull and deck equipment

Forged parts

Welded assemblies, also with machined parts

Ship cranes and hoists

Components and spare parts for main engines

Pressure tanks

Cabin equipment

Galley furniture made of stainless steel


Ship models

Life rafts and equipment

Ship new construction

We plan and build ships tailored to your requirements and support you throughout the entire process, including class approval, selection and design of technical equipment and interior fittings.

Ship newbuilding is carried out in a suitable shipyard, while we ensure timely and high-quality implementation.