About Us


In the 70s and 80s, the longtime managing director Gerhard Meinsen established contacts with Polish shipyards while working for the German fishing fleet.

After the reunification, these connections were used to establish a presence in the open market for ship repairs and new constructions.


We are an experienced industrial service provider based in Rostock. Over time, we have expanded our roots in shipbuilding to establish a presence in steel, machinery, and plant construction. This has allowed us to gain a broad spectrum of experiences, manufacturers, and customers.

For approximately 15 years, we have been steadily expanding our portfolio in the field of facade construction. As a result, we can look back on many successful projects. This proudly enables us to say that we have contributed to many well-known buildings worldwide.

With over 30 years of experience in Eastern European and Asian economic regions, we are a reliable partner for European industrial companies. Our dedicated team of highly qualified engineers accompanies you from market analysis to quality assurance at the manufacturer's site, ensuring the successful implementation of your projects.


Our project managers with different industrial backgrounds ensure the smooth processing of orders.

Our employees are experienced graduate engineers, industrial engineers with welding qualifications, and responsible for quality assurance in steel construction.

The commercial project assistance supports in organization, logistics, and procurement.

We regularly train our employees in matters relating to the movement of goods and customs formalities.